Ayudh Pune Celebrates Amma’s Birthday along with Deprived Children of a Nearby Slum

On 25th September 2016, a team of AYUDH members of Pune chapter celebrated Amritavarsham 63 -Amma’s 63rd birthday in a unique way with the deprived children of a nearby slum. The team wanted to use this moment to do at least a little bit of service for others, drawing a spark of Love from the blazing Inferno of Divine Love that Amma is. They came together to spend some time with the deprived children of a nearby slum.
Considering the increasing number of epidemics and the general lack of hygiene in slums, they decided to conduct to a hygiene and sanitation awareness session for the children and had a celebration after the event.
The session covered topics like coughing, sneezing, techniques of hand washing, importance of bathing, awareness of waste management, public urination, toilet usage, awareness of epidemics like dengue and chikungunya and drugs and substance abuse.
The children were more than excited to attend the session. This was evident from their enthusiasm to participate actively by watching the videos keenly and answering quiz questions.
The program gave a very powerful message to the children about hygiene, this was much required in this area where the hygiene situation is still pathetic.
After the event, the team gave an introduction to Amma’s charitable activities, distributed sweets among the children and gifted handkerchiefs.
This was a great opportunity for Ayudh team to show their gratitude for Amma who has dedicated every fibre of Her being towards uplifting humanity.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016 to Monday, 26 September 2016