International Mother Earth Day Celebrations

On the occasion of International Mother Earth Day AYUDH Pune chapter planted trees of native species.

A barren land of corporation was chosen and trees of native species were planted with a mission to increase the biodiversity of the land.  It was a great study for the volunteers to learn that everywhere on the planet species live together and depend on one another. Every living thing, including man, is involved in these complex networks of interdependent relationships, which are called ecosystems.

The team will continue with the project in association with the Municipal Corporation Water Treatment Plant with a dream of transforming this barren land into a Green Fertile Ground. All employees of the Water treatment plant appreciated the enthusiasm and selfless attitude of the AYUDH team.It was an exuberant experience for the team. They were happy to contribute their bit to the Mother Nature and enjoyed the satisfaction that comes from doing little things well!!

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Saturday, 22 April 2017