International Youth Day 2017

The International youth day (2017)’s theme, YOUTH BUILDING PEACE was successfully celebrated by Ayudhians in different chapters in India.  This was the first follow up activity of AYUDH Pre-National Camp Youth Meets of Phase1.

Since the current generation of youth is the largest in history, there is no denying that youth plays a major role in creating a change in society. As Amma says ‘one can never obtain peace in outer world until we make peace with in our mind’ and meditation is one way to learn the art of inner balance. Our vibrant Ayudhians from different chapters of India conducted ‘Meditation for world peace’, where they reached out to various schools in their community to offer a 45 minute session for students between 5th and 10th grades. This included introduction & benefits of meditation, peace game, meditation training, peace song, peace pledge, and distribution of badges. The whole event benefited the participants in learning and understanding the importance of meditation to maintain a harmony in academic and personal life.     

The Delhi chapter extended the theme with a creative street play ‘khulija Pyare’ to create an awareness on raising Depression among youth. The play emphasized the importance of encouraging youth suffering with depression to come out and seek help rather than succumb to it. This Nukkad natak performed by Ayudhians, along with actors from The Film and Theater Society- Delhi, attracted a large crowd resulting in spreading awareness on the particular topic.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017