World Youth Skills Day 2019 at Ayudh Jaipur

Ayudhians @Jaipur Wilfred College conducted a workshop for the students at Ducking School, Jaipur as part of World Youth Skills Day Celebrations. The Enthusiastic Ayudhians taught some important skills to the children.

Few major outcomes of the workshop were:

  • Students learnt how to make paper bags.
  • Students learnt a model through which plants can be watered regularly without wasting even a single drop of water.
  • Students learnt how waste plastic bottles can be reused to make the environment better.

These skills learnt by the students will be useful for the society through community projects which will be implemented on an ongoing basis. The AYUDH team has decided to continue with similar workshops in rural area also to help them earn a livelihood through selling the products.

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Monday, 22 July 2019