Green Initiatives

AYUDH stands for Awaken Youth; Unite for Dharma, founded on 1st September 1985 is the international youth movement of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. AYUDH seeks to empower young people to integrate universal values into their daily lives. Starting with themselves, AYUDH aims to help establish a future of hope, peace and social engagement.

In Sanskrit the AYUDH means “the youth which perpetuates the wheel of Dharma ( righteousness)”. In Sanskrit AYUDH also means peace, which is symbolised by the dove in the logo. AYUDH tries to make the younger generation aware of the importance of spirituality in one's day-to-day life, and about the importance of assimilating and putting positive values into practice.​

Green Initiatives

An international environmental initiative that promotes environmental awareness and participation at the individual and community level. The goal of this initiative is to build a generation that is more aware and sensitive towards mother nature and our environment.
Some of the projects that are being carried out include

  • Amala Bharatam Cleaning Campaign
  • Billion Tree Campaign
  • Organic Vegetable Cultivation
  • Composting and Natural Farming Workshops

Latest News

September 30, 2019

"My Cute Ganesh" - Eco-Friendly Ganesh idol Workshop by AYUDH Pune as part of 'Punarjani' Phase3.

September 30, 2019

AYUDH Pune conducted the awareness campaign and led pledge to celebrate the Ganesha Chaturthi in

July 30, 2019

Ayudh Thiruvalla organised a Swachh Bharat campaign in their area.

July 30, 2019

AYUDH Tanur and devotees of the Ashram arranged a medical camp that was held in the ashram itself

July 30, 2019

Ayudh Thiruvalla organized Gita Jayathi for the local devotees.

Latest Events

October 4, 2016

On 25th September 2016 we celebrated Amma's 63rd birthday along with the deprived children of nea

August 19, 2019

AYUDH Mumbai Organized Flood Relief Initiative 2019 on August 18, 2019 in aid of the flood-affect

July 23, 2019

Ayudhians @Jaipur Wilfred College conducted a workshop for the students at Ducking School, Jaipur

July 21, 2019

AYUDH Pune celebrated World Youth Skills Day by organising a Group Discussion and Poster Making c