AYUDH Team from Pune Enthusiastically Participated in the ASWAS Campaign

The woollen clothes collected by AYUDH Pune volunteers as a part of ASWAS (AYUDHians Spreading Warmth And Smiles) campaign have been dispatched. These clothes will be distributed to the needy families in Sujanpur village, Punjab. The team got one more opportunity to practice Amma’s selfless giving!! And they experienced that these little things occupy the biggest part of their Hearts!!

Haritamritam Workshop in Sector 27 of Pradhikaran Area, Maharashtra

The Haritamritam workshop in Sector 27 of Pradhikaran area on 19th November, 2016, was indeed a great experience for. As many of the families own independent houses in this area, they practice vegetable cultivation on the land. After learning the layering technique in growbags, they expressed their enthusiasm to grow veggies on their terrace too.