AYUDH Odisha Seedball Dispersal -2

Seed ball Tossing by AYUDH volunteers took place in the reserved forest areas of Odisha. Planting seed balls in erosion-prone areas helps stabilize the soil. As the plants grow, their root systems help bind the soil together, reducing erosion and preventing sediment runoff into waterways. By using native plant seeds in seed balls, it's possible to restore or enhance biodiversity in degraded ecosystems. Native plants are adapted to local conditions and support local wildlife, including pollinators and herbivores.

AYUDH Pune Commenced Safe and Brave Online Campaign

AYUDH Pune commenced ‘Safe and Brave Online' Campaign on November 30, 2023, the International Computer Security Day – an exclusive initiative for youth that empowers them while providing knowledge and practical skills to mitigate cyber ills and develop resilience. The engineering and professional students from AYUDH Pune Team conducted the first session in CMS English School Higher Secondary School in Pune. These workshops will be continued by the AYUDH Team in all English medium schools of PCMC Corporation, Pune in the upcoming weeks.

Day2 of ASIP in Pune Commenced with a Meditation Session Designed to Promote Stress Management

Day2 of ASIP in Pune commenced with a Meditation session designed to promote stress management, good health, and overall well-being. The main highlight of the Day2 AYUDH Self-Management Internship Program was a very interesting and insightful session on significance and science behind Symbolism, Image Worship, and Festivals in Sanatana Dharma by Bri. Niseema from AYUDH National Coordination Team. Participants gained an understanding of the symbolism and cultural significance and essence of festivals.

DAY1 AYUDH Self Management Internship Program

DAY1 AYUDH Self Management Internship Program (ASIP) at Pune commenced with all AYUDHians lighting Diya - the Lamp of Knowledge, symbolising to banish darkness, and to represent a continuous upward movement in one's life. AYUDHians from a diverse range of educational backgrounds came together to delve into the art of self-management by incorporating the profound teachings of Sanatana Dharma and spiritual practices into their daily lives.

AYUDH Mumbai Organized ASWAS

AYUDH Mumbai organized ASWAS, a Winter Clothing Drive for people who do not have enough to stay warm. AYUDHians collected winter clothes, blankets and distributed them to old age homes at Koparkhairane, Panvel and Seawoods at Mumbai.

AYUDH members with a diverse group of students from various colleges and schools, along with working professionals, came together to participate in this meaningful endeavour - AYUDHians Spreading Warmth and Smiles!

Youth volunteers Conducted AYUDH Orientation Program

Youth volunteers from Andheri, Mumbai attended AYUDH Orientation Program. The senior devotees of Amrita Satsang Samiti, Andheri East, Western Suburbs, Mumbai invited the vibrant youth who are associated with the Samiti and are eager to join AYUDH. The enthusiastic involvement of the youth was matched by the active support of senior devotees of the Amrita Satsang Samiti, Andheri, ensuring the sustained energy of the new AYUDH members aiming to bring a change in the society. 

Youth Camp Organized by AYUDH Kolkata

AYUDH Kolkata organized Youth Camp reaching the youth at the vibrant city of West Bengal to provide a platform for young people to connect, share ideas, and explore their potential to serve the society. These camps are held in various cities of India, bringing together participants from different walks of life for learning spiritual values and fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose to serve. 

AYUDH Baneshwar Maharashtra Conducted An Event

AYUDH Baneshwar Maharashtra

AYUDH Baneshwar Maharashtra orchestrated an event for the newly registered members that left us inspired, connected, and brimming with energy. 

The event witnessed passing of leadership and responsibility to the deserving, who are committed to steering our ship towards a brighter future. 

Laughter, fun, and friendly competition ruled the day as we engaged in exciting games that forged new friendships and strengthened existing bonds. 

A Youth Camp Organized By AYUDH Ahmedabad


AYUDH Ahmedabad organized a Youth Camp, uniting passionate young individuals who are dedicated to serving society and creating a positive impact in the lives of others. AYUDHians also welcomed new members and shared their valuable experiences to inspire new members to give their best contribution. The Youth Camp began with a prayer, establishing a positive and uplifting energy for the day followed by a series of captivating sessions that left AYUDHians deeply engaged.