AYUDH Jaipur celebrated 'Amritavarsham 69'

AYUDH Jaipur celebrated 'Amritavarsham 69' in an unforgettable manner with the children of Aashray Care Home. It was a heart touching experience for AYUDHians at Jaipur. The youth visited Aashray Care Home, a local orphanage. The care home housed offspring of parents who had passed on due to AIDS. The children living there were especially ostracized and neglected. AYUDH members organized games, cultural programmes, distributed lunch & sweets and also shared Amma's videos and stories with the children.

On the Auspicious Occasion of Amma's Birthday

On the auspicious occasion of Amma's Birthday of our beloved Amma, Ayudh Durgapur members distributed around 500 food packets,to the patients at Sub divisional hospital Bidhannagar, Durgapur as a humble offering to our most beloved Amma.
Amma says "Hunger is the only desire that people become fully satisfied with to the point that they want no more, once they have full stomach they are satisfied"

Bhai Dooj was Celebrated by AYUDHians at Baneshwar

Bhai Dooj was celebrated by AYUDHians at Baneshwar, Maharashtra in a very special way this year. AYUDHians were blessed to become brothers and sisters of those who do not have anyone of their own. On occasion of Diwali they visited Mauli Anath Ashram,an orphanage at Baneshwar and celebrated Diwali &Bhai dooj with the children over there. AYUDHians gave Sweets, Crackers and many other gifts to the Children and performed rituals of Bhai Dhooj.

AYUDH AV Mumbai celebrated ‘Amritavarsham 69’

AYUDH AV Mumbai celebrated ‘Amritavarsham 69’ this year in a different manner. The AYUDH representatives from the team visited a slum in Juinagar to distribute gifts to the slum children. Before visiting the slum, the AYUDH Team in Amrita Vidyalayam Mumbai spent days together collecting clothes, stationary, books, other school essentials and gifts for the children. All AYUDH members enthusiastically contributed for the great cause.

On Amritavarsham 69

On ‘Amritavarsham 69’ Amma said, “Take a seed and put it in some soil with some manure and wrap it up in a piece of paper. Drop those seed balls in a place where they can sprout—either around your house or in some wooded area. The more saplings you can plant, the better. This would be the greatest gift you can give to Amma,”
AYUDHians who are participating in the Self-Management Workshop decided to put this into practice. They enthusiastically participated in the Seedball Workshop which was held as part of the AYUDH Internship Program.

'Let’s win together'- The Participants of AYUDH Self-Management Internship Program

'Let’s win together'- the participants of AYUDH Self-Management Internship Program learned, what Amma often mentions with an example in Amma's Satsang - how the innocent children won together when they participated in a running race in a Special Olympics. Through an awesome Unity Game, the AYUDHians learned how they act in a similar situation, which was a great introspection for them.

Bhagavad Gita Shines as the Beacon Light of Knowledge

Bhagavad Gita shines as the beacon light of knowledge, inspiring millions to tread the path of Dharma. Life Management lessons as depicted by Gita was one of the most inspiring event in the AYUDH Self-Management Internship Program. Amma says “In the Gita, Lord Krishna teaches that spirituality is something we have to live in our day-to-day life – it is for everyone, and is especially applicable to all who want to live life full of happiness and contentment”

Parents of Alumni and Senior Students of Amrita Vidyalayam attended the AYUDH Orientation Program at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Parents of Alumni and Senior Students of Amrita Vidyalayam attended the AYUDH Orientation Program at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Swamini Shamadamrita Prana, the Director of the school explained the importance of being part AYUDH and how AYUDH as a youth platform help the students to be part of Amrita and do good things even after passing out from the school. She also added, this is a great opportunity for the students to learn and practice what they learned from Amrita.