4Minutes4India Contest Results

4Minutes4India Contest Results

The 10 best videos of the “4Minutes4India” contest are shortlisted. With more than a 100 entries, most of which displayed quality and elegance, it took different levels of scrutiny for the judging panels to decide upon the final ten. We express our sincere thanks to all those who put in their time and effort to present their ideas for this contest.

Those who made it to the Grand Finale are-

  • Kiran Kambrath - Kerala
  • Madhumitha - Coimbatore
  • Goutham - Trivandrum
  • Akash G - Coimbatore
  • Vinayak.S.Kumar - Kollam
  • Rahul Nair - Pune
  • Susheel Kumar Patil - Banglore
  • Raghav Kalra & Atharv Jairath - New Delhi
  • Yadu Krishnan - Palakkad
  • Hari - Tamil Nadu

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