Dr Shekhar Singh, IAS, Commissioner of PCMC, Pune inaugurated C20 999 Challenge

Dr Shekhar Singh, IAS, Commissioner of PCMC, Pune inaugurated C20 999 Challenge

Dr Shekhar Singh, IAS, Commissioner of PCMC, Pune inaugurated C20 999 Challenge in all Pune Schools on June 21st, International Day of Yoga 2023. The initiative aims to implement the challenge in 3000 schools under PCMC, PMC and Private schools across Pune. The teachers and students from various schools from Pune attended the inaugural function and participated in 999 Challenge.

As a part of the widespread implementation, the inauguration was conducted as a mark for beginning such a huge campaign. The inaugural event witnessed a palpable sense of anticipation as students, teachers, and esteemed guests gathered at Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Pune. The venue was abuzz with excitement, with preparations in full swing to kick-start this transformative educational endeavor.

Dr Shekhar Singh, IAS, Commissioner said, “The 999 Challenge is designed to inspire students to push their boundaries and achieve their fullest potential. It encompasses a series of activities and goals tailored to foster holistic development, including academic excellence, critical thinking, creativity, and community engagement. We need to empower students and equip them with the necessary skills and mindset to face the challenges of the modern world. I appreciate the efforts of Coordinators from AYUDH India Team and thank AYUDH for providing this wonderful opportunity to Pune students”.

“The practice of 999 challenge which include Amma’s world peace meditation surely make the students and youth strong within to face challenges in life, will help them to dive deep into their Self and find the true meaning of Life. This program is not just meant for 9 days, but meant to be integrated to everyone’s daily routine. The 999 Challenge promises to instill a sense of purpose, motivation, and resilience among students, preparing them to become responsible and confident contributors to society”, remarked, Bri Amritatmika Chaitanya, AYUDH National Coordinator.

Schools across Pune have started their first day of the challenge, executing on a large scale in their schools involving the students for the betterment of their mental and physical health. During the official program the student representative from all schools did 9 rounds of Surya, Namaskar and 9 minutes World Peace Meditation thus, the beginning of the 999 challenge was marked.

999 challenge has been found to have reduced a significant amount of stress in those who performed it within 2-3 days of beginning. This is such a big endeavor to start on The International Yoga Day. This year's theme is Yoga for Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, closely related to the theme of G20, thus making this event more auspicious.

In the coming days and weeks, participating schools under PCMC, PMC and private schools in Pune will actively integrate the 999 Challenge into their curricular activities. The organizers are dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance to educators, encouraging them to embrace innovative teaching methodologies and create a vibrant learning environment that fosters growth and exploration.

This year while India is holding the G20 presidency, multiple initiatives have been implemented in the engagement group of Civil 20 (C20), which comprises Civil Society Organizations, chaired by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. The 999 challenge focuses on the physical and mental well- being of students by making them perform 9 rounds of Suryanamaskar, 9 Minutes of World Peace Meditation and continuing this combination for 9 days.

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