DAY1 AYUDH Self Management Internship Program (ASIP) at Pune commenced with all AYUDHians lighting Diya - the Lamp of Knowledge, symbolising to banish darkness, and to represent a continuous upward

The participants explored the idea that success goes beyond academic accomplishments and includes things like emotional stability, personal development, and beneficial societal impact during the Se

CMS Pune participated in an interactive session conducted by AYUDH team which shed light on various aspects of self-awareness, emotional well-being, and the cultivation of a positive outlook.

AYUDH Orientation session was conducted for Amrita Junior college students, underscoring the significance of holistic self-management for achieving success in various real-life scenarios.

MBA students from DY Patil Institute of Management invited AYUDH National Coordination Team to conduct the Self-Management Workshop in their campus and to know more about AYUDH India The focus of t

Gita jayanthi

AYUDH Pune celebrated Gita Jayanti, embracing the wisdom within the profound words of Amma. Amma says, "The Gita is one of the most beautiful pieces of philosophy ever written.

On Day2 at Amritapuri, AYUDH Pune Team had a serene beach visit, setting the tone for a day filled with meaningful experiences.

A visit to Amritapuri, Kerala was organized for the first team of ASIP Participants of AYUDH Pune, Maharashtra.

AYUDH Pune created unforgettable memories at the Youth Camp organized at Punyadham Ashram in Pune city where unity, spirituality, and compassion were at the heart of everything they did.


AYUDH Pune organized ASWAS. Guided by the words of Amma, they embarked on a purposeful Winter Clothing Drive, radiating warmth to Solapur Village, Maharashtra.